Barkarica 2017

Our second pet photography retreat took place in February 2017. This time, we headed to the ecological playground of Costa Rica. Our unique property featured beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park.  Students were treated daily to wildlife sightings, ranging from from three-toed sloths to white-faced capuchin monkeys, along with hundreds of species of birds.

During our stay we worked closely with local pet rescue organisation, PAWS. Students met and photograph many dogs who had found new homes through the organisation and we also visited the shelter and worked with the dogs there at a stunning local river to photograph them for their adoption profiles. One of our wonderful attendees even ended up adopting a dog from the shelter!


Here’s what our wonderful group of attendees had to say about the experience.

It is just SO inspiring to be around ``my tribe`` . . . all people who love animals, love photography, love travel, go crazy when they see a puppy, are passionate about what they are doing, are true ARTISTS and just super supportive, generous, big-hearted peeps!!!

- Christine

I loved that it was so specific to exactly what I want to do and I loved each instructor for different reasons. Everyone had so much to offer and is so talented and it's awesome to see that you can also make a decent living at this too. I was impressed by the level of knowledge of each instructor and how giving they were of themselves and willing to share information. I truly felt that everyone genuinely wanted to see everyone in the group succeed.

- Wendy

While I have attended other pet photography workshops, this was by far the most intensive, interesting and educational I have attended. I can't wait for next year and week two. It really inspired me to get my business going. Thank you all so much!!!

- Terri

I had such a great time and learned so much. Everything was perfect from the amazing place to stay, the delicious food, fun atmosphere and the incredible instruction. I felt like I was on vacation even though it was an intense week of learning!

Nicole, Charlotte, Kaylee and Sam, were incredible to learn from. The fact that our instructors hung out with us in the living area after classes and shoots to continue to teach and help us individually was so generous and invaluable.

The business course at Barkarica changed my life. I immediately implemented Nicole's pricing strategies when I got home and my sales have doubled. I was already doing IPS but wasn't making as much as I wanted. Nicole's pricing strategy is exactly what I needed to make my business thrive.

- Deanna

I always come away from these weeks feeling so boosted and inspired, and I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I think it's just the pure bliss of being surrounded by like-minded people who really 'get it' and are all there for each other, it really drives home why we do what we do. I came home feeling so lifted and more confident, like I now have the energy to face the year and work towards my goals.

- Josie, Jelly Bean Photography

While learning business, shooting, and editing techniques are obviously very impactful, leaving with the sense of community and passion is what makes all that work happen. Going through a week long experience together brings a group of strangers together like no other. Not being alone in our individual pieces of the world makes this idea of self employment via photography a more realistic idea - that sense of realism helps ground the work. It no longer seems impossible!

- Bethany, Bethany P Photography

Behind the Scenes

Blogged by Barkarica 2017 Attendees

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